“Alinjagala and many other monuments like this prove that Nakhchivan is an ancient land of Azerbaijan, throughout the centuries and thousand years Azerbaijanis lived here”.

Heydar Aliyev






Alinjagala is located in the 30 km east of Nakhchivan city, on the right bank of the Alinja River, on the top of Mountain Alinja which is 1800-meters high. The main entrance of the fortress is from two sides: east and west sides.

One of the ancient sources, where Alinjagala is mentioned, is the epos of “Kitabi-Dede Korkut”. Studies have defined that Alinjagala existed in I-VI centuries. It was possible to keep 600 fighters with their horses and ammunition in Alinjagala. In order to keep the water supply during the wars, in different areas of the fortress more than 10 basins and at the top of the hill special channels were built into the rock.  

Alinjagala played an irreplaceable role in the history of Middle Age states of Azerbaijan and was used as a fortification against enemies...


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Date: 15-07-2024